Courtyard House Extension in Bearsden

This house extension in Bearsden involved the extensive remodelling, extension and refurbishment of a c1980’s 4 bedroom house. The house has been transformed from a rather conventional detached house into a surprising one-off home centered on a beautiful new cloister and courtyard garden.

The new courtyard cloister and garden is the principle feature of the refurbished house. The glazed cloister is designed as an enclosed outside space with natural stone walling and flooring, douglas fir timber structure, full height glazed panels and a copper roof. Sandstone flooring extends into the courtyard to unite the spaces. The house has also been extended with a new master bedroom suite, utility room, and cold store. The cold store provides an unheated space for storage of food and drink and reduces the energy used for refrigeration. Quality materials have been used throughout for their visual delight and lower long-term maintenance.

The client is a retired engineer who wanted to  reduce his future energy costs.  A glazed cloister is orientated south and captures heat from the sun. This heat is re-directed into the house using a mechanical ventilation heat recovery system.

Design Process

We assessed the energy consumption of the existing house using thermal imaginging. This identified where insulation and air leakage was causing heat to be lost from the interior spaces. The deficiencies in the existing construction were upgraded. The inside walls were stripped back to the timber frame construction which was then re-insulated to a high standard of airtightness and thermal performance. Special attention was taken around windows and openings where the glazing was upgraded. Analysis of  energy use by the client has demonstrated very substantial savings.

Photography: Paul Tyagi