Ecohome House Extension Lochwinnoch

This ecohome house extension near Lochwinnoch has transformed an original timber cabin into a family-sized ecohome. Birkhill Cabin sits high on the hills overlooking the Garnock Valley. The original cabin was a lightweight and poorly insulated timber chalet. The low cost extension increases the floor area and significantly improves the insulation with over-cladding in Scottish larch and a new sunroom to capture passive solar heat.

The house is almost entirely off-grid and is heated from wood logs collected on-site from windfall timber. The extension is formed with breathing wall construction using recycled newsprint insulation and wood fibre board under scottish larch rainscreen cladding. The house uses Solar panels contribute to water heating and feedback electricity into the grid. Water is supplied from a natural spring within the woods and waste water is treated before outflow to a nearby burn.

The main through living space is designed as a multi purpose space for the client to rehearse dance, play music and to just relax.

Photography: Paul Tyagi